Who's on the Team

If luxury travel were retail therapy, we'd be your personal shopper.

Of all your life priorities, your leisure time is one asset you can't earn back. People who spend their time wisely know that it pays dividends to collaborate with a seasoned industry professional when it comes to fulfilling travel dreams. Court Travel provides personal, completely customized service before, during, and after every trip.  Whether you enjoy being involved in your vacation planning, or prefer that someone you trust takes the reins, Court Travel agents are uniquely vested in your return on life.  Word of mouth is how we market and we would love for you to learn what our previous clients say about working with us on our testimonials page.

Nancy Cutter

30+ years of experience, Nancy is the owner and dreams big with you on bucket list trips.  Nancy has seen the 4 corners of the world.  More often than not the question most asked is "Where have you not been"?  That's now becoming a very short list.  She delights in expanding her client's horizons, urging them to see places and try things that they might not have thought possible.  With a respect for the fundamentals of travel, she is a master of travel organization and her clients reap the benefit of this expertise and her years of practical knowledge.

Read more about the boss and all her trips!

Jessica Sawyer

Been there and done that with a kid by her side, Jessica knows family fun on cruises and in the Caribbean.  Jessica takes a fresh approach to her clients travel needs.  She has an unique background of experience having begun her travel career working with a renowned wilderness tour operator in the SFO Bay area.  She was exposed early to the "wild world" of adventure travel.   A true "adventure" girl she loves hiking, but enjoys the finer points of an exquisite English garden.  So whether it's for a honeymoon, family getaway or and adult action adventure she's waiting to put your travel plans into action!

Marion Herrmann

Born and raised in Germany, Marion knows Germany like the back of her hand.  With her philosophy "Your dream destination is only a flight away" she will help you realize your travel dreams with efficiency and accuracy you deserve!  She can view even the most complex travel requests clearly and offers solutions with a minute attention to detail. Her clients rest easy knowing she is hard at work for them and she delights in exposing them to "off the beaten path" destinations which she obtained first hand knowledge from her extensive travels thru Europe.

Laura Cole

Laura Cole is the youngest member of the Court Travel Team, but she is well-traveled beyond her years. Her special experiences and talents make her the perfect advisor in crafting custom itineraries for her clients. A recent graduate from UNC Charlotte, she received a BS in International Business and Management. To further her education, she has her focus set on completing her certification from Virtuoso in travel advising.

Laura is no stranger to travel and has accumulated a variety of travel experiences. During her undergraduate career she traveled abroad on several occasions. Laura has spent weeks in Peru where she survived the treacherous Pan-American Highway journey to the northern Andes Mountains and served as an optometrist and missionary to Peruvian villagers. On another jaunt, she spent several weeks traveling throughout Germany; where she was fully immersed in the German culture and participated in a Rhine river cruise. After her solo travel, she spent a summer semester studying abroad in Italy, where she lived in the small Tuscan town, Castiglion Fiorentino. While she wasn't studying she was able to travel throughout the beautiful Italian countryside. No stranger to public transport and negotiating international airports she understands what can make her clients travels smooth and carefree.

Laura has a passion for philanthropy, which she tries to demonstrate with each journey she takes. She recently traveled to India to study the Millennium Development Goals at one of New Delhi's top universities. During her stay she not only took on the role of a tourist, but also served as a social worker in some of Delhi's more impoverished populations. She has dedicated her education to learning the best methods of traveling to help promote more stable economies.

As a travel advisor, Laura takes joy in spreading her love for travel to all of her clients and provides them with the best memories and experiences possible.

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