Court Travel Ltd. Advisor Training Class

Next Session Begins: December 2022


There has never been a better time to look at a career as a travel professional. Specializing in international travel, Court Travel Ltd., has for the past 30 years has firmly felt that helping others experience the wonder and joy of travel to enrich their lives is a worthy life calling.

Whether you are fresh from college or looking at a mid-life career change, sharing your passion with others for travel by becoming a trusted travel advisor can be an exciting and financially rewarding position in the travel industry.

We are now delighted to have the opportunity to share the insights and skills necessary by providing a solid training path to achieve that career goal. Learn from the best.  Nancy is the author/creator of Travel Basics, the Virtuoso New Advisor Training Program.  Our training program incorporates the Travel Basics modules as well as supervised discussion sessions.  Our well-trained advisors go above and beyond to help our clients travel the globe. But their success is not by luck. Our carefully curated training program can provide all of the fundamental knowledge needed to understand, plan, and execute carefully crafted travel bookings for your clients.

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Here is an overview of our program

  • Participation in the Court Travel Ltd. Advisor Training Classes
  • 22 One-Two Hour  In -Person Training Lectures 
  • Access to the 15 Modules of Travel Basics (The Virtuoso endorsed training program)
  • Final Exam and Completion Certificate (Pass/Fail) 
  • Dedicated Travel Advisor Instructor and Mentoring
  • Assistance with Personal Business Plan Development
  • GDS Access and Continued Training Support
  • Customer Management System Training for Invoicing
  • Virtuoso Networking Opportunities
  • Educational Travel Opportunities
  • Global Destination Training Access
  • Comprehensive 12-16 week training period with flexible scheduling
  • $1500.00
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