Court Travel Professional Service Fees

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Professional Trip Management Fee

Traveling internationally can be a complicated process. Time zones, multiple destinations, differences in cultures, specialized sightseeing & accommodation variety can be challenging to plan on your own. Our expert team will review your travel logistics, and formulate an action plan. This process begins with a detailed questionnaire, analysis, consultation, and continues until you return home from travels.

  • $200 - $500 for 2 adults (depending on your chosen Advisor) children under 18 included
  • $25 per person for additional travelers
  • $50 Additional Fee for Priority Short Notice Trip Management (4 weeks or less prior to departure)

Professional Trip Management Fee, is non-refundable, and provides to you:

  • Our expertise and knowledge of destinations, air travel, industry suppliers and travel related necessities like trip insurance, visas and passports, and more
  • Our time in research, management, communication and support
  • Best logistical arrangement of sightseeing tours, transfers and guides
  • Personal Relationships - a Virtuoso Advisor has access to the same (and often better) pricing than you can find online, and can secure special perks you can get yourself - Our relationships all over the world often result in preferred pricing with amenities, including room upgrades, resort credits and more
  • A Personal Touch and Security - You always have a live voice and someone to be your advocate when there are bumps in the road

Consulting Room

Air Research & Service Fee

During our extensive research on your behalf we will consider all travel options, potential routings, connections and resources to plan and price the air itinerary. We can then hold preferred flights for 6-48 hours to give you time to review and confirm. In addition to monitoring your air itinerary for schedule changes and mis-connections, we transmit your frequent flyer status, special meal requests, seat reservations to the airlines. The Air Service Fee is non-refundable and paid at time of ticketing.

  • Air Service Fee is 10% cost of Ticket, per person, maxing at $100 per ticket
  • Minimum $25 per International or Domestic Ticket
  • $100 per ticket for Frequent Flyer research and reservations
  • $25 Air Research Fee (if you choose to book the ticket on your own, based on our research)

Hotel Research & Service Fee

The choices when deciding on vacation accommodations can seem endless. We are skilled at evaluating the numerous factors of location, quality, amenities, inclusions & cancellation terms. We look for properties that will highlight the country's history and culture. We have first-hand knowledge of many hotels and have visited them recently. Our variety of resources will guarantee great value for the contracted rates we can offer. Being a Virtuoso Member Agency allows us to offer competitive rates with added amenities at the worlds finest hotels.

  • $20 Per City Research and Quoted

Rail Service Fee

  • $20 Per Rail Booking (not per ticket, or per leg, or per person)

Group Trip Management Fee

Give us the reins and we will help you get your group off the ground. We handle group travel requests with the same finesse and skill as an individual trip. A group of 8 or more travelers is considered a group. Whether you're planning a family reunion, special interest group, club gathering, girls or guys getaway, our group travel specialists are skilled to manage every detail, ensuring a memorable vacation experience from start to finish.

  • $500 Professional Group Trip Management Fee
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