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Italy Adventure

By: Hutch

We approached our trip to Italy with only general ideas of where to go or what to do. Nancy carefully coordinated with us and set up a wonderful and comprehensive trip from Rome, through Tuscany, to Florence and on to Venice. Each step of the way, she did detailed planning that put us in the best/best located hotels, with a schedule that allowed us to tour but without overloading our schedule. Her suggestions for lodging/food/travel were spot on, and went off flawlessly. Every leg of the trip was laid out well, and the pre planned tours were top quality, with individual tours where appropriate, and small group tours when that format was most effective. Overall, thanks to Nancy's work, we could not have had a better Italian experience.

Stellar -- got me and my broken leg home from rural Spain

By: Stu

I was walking the Camino to Santiago de Campostella in Spain. In the middle of the countryside, on a path in Navarre, I fell and broke my fibula. I managed to walk to a pilgrim's refuge, hoping it was just a sprain of my ankle. The next day an x-ray showed the fibula was broken and my camino was over. So there I was with a cast and crutches in a tiny town in Navarre. Nancy quickly put together a sequence of services -- first-rate drivers who delivered excellent service, flight from Biarritz to Paris-Orly, transfer to hotel at Paris-DeGaulle, then home. Nancy's expertise -- access to services that could extract me from a remote village when I could hardly walk -- was fantastic. But just as important was her immediate responsiveness and determination to get it done.

Berlin Trip

By: Austin

Marion is just wonderful to work with! She has great insights and is always very responsive and reliable. She recently planned our Berlin trip worked out amazingly well. All of our transfers to and from the airport worked out great! Our dinner the first night was really good German cuisine! The all day tour on Friday with Sven could not have been more perfect. The tour bus was very nice and Sven, our tour guide, was incredible and a joy to spend the day with. We have had many great tour guides, but he may have been the best! The tour all around Berlin was wonderful and enlightening and gave us the overview of Berlin we needed to decide what attractions we wanted to visit on Saturday. Berlin is one of my favorite cities and we enjoyed it so much more because of Marion!

Highly Recommended - Trip to Japan

By: Brenda

We just returned from our trip to Japan which we booked through Court Travel, Charlotte NC, with Nancy Cutter and Marion Herrmann.  It truly was a Japan experience!  From the Kyoto cooking class and Tea Ceremony, to the private tours in Kyoto, Nara, Tokyo, and Mt. Fuji, it was an incredible trip from start to finish. I'm already planning a return trip. This is my second big trip booked with Court Travel and I give them my highest recommendation.


Excellent trip planning & prep - no detail too small

By: Noelle

I could not be more pleased that I trusted my travel planning with Jessica Sawyer at Court Travel. Not only is she savvy at making complicated arrangements easy and ensuring that your dollar stretches as far as it can - above all she cares.  Jessica treats your trip like it is hers and does whatever it takes to make sure it is perfect and you feel comfortable and ultimately have the trip of a lifetime. I know I did and am so grateful to her and her team!


Better Deal than Booking through Disney

By: Scott

Jessica did a superb job booking a Disney World vacation for my family. She was extremely thorough and answered every question. And the best part, she got us a better rate than if we had booked through Disney's website - SCORE!! I will definitely have Jessica book future vacations.



Attentive and Accommodating

By: Lillian

Marion was very pleasant to work with and accommodating as she helped us plan a month-long European trip (including Prague, several German and Austrian cities, and Budapest) during December. She is from Germany so she was especially helpful for the areas we were traveling in. I usually do my own travel planning and probably offer far more "input" than the average traveler. She always welcomed my feedback and ideas and I thought working with her was enjoyable and helpful. I felt her language skills, attention to detail and desire for us to have a wonderful trip helped secure accommodations, etc that fit all our requirements and preferences. Would I work with Marion again? Definitely. We're now working on a spring trip to France, Holland and Belgium.

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