America the beautiful! Family reunions at Disney World, epic ski trips and cruising Alaska are just a few ways to travel closer to home.


Alaska's main attractions include spectacular scenery, wildlife viewing, camping, skiing, the northern lights, volcanoes, Inside Passage cruises, hiking, riverboat rides, fishing, canoeing, river and sea kayaking, friendly people, Alaska Native and Russian cultures, totem poles, glaciers and dogsled rides.  Most people will like Alaska, but the state has special appeal for nature lovers and the adventurous. Those on a strict budget may opt to tour the coasts via Alaska's Marine Highway ferries rather than by cruise ships. Motor homes, recreational vehicles and camper vans are available to rent for those who want to explore the state's interior highways or drive the Alaska Highway through Canada.


Colorado's foremost attractions include skiing, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, white-water rafting, hot-air ballooning, Royal Gorge, all-terrain driving, mountain biking, Denver, dude ranches, Mesa Verde and Rocky Mountain national parks, fossils, hang gliding, wildflowers, archaeological sites, museums, cultural activities, classical music, jazz, brewpubs, and film and theater festivals. Anyone who's interested in rugged mountain scenery, the history of the Old West, camping, skiing and other outdoor activities will have a great time in Colorado.


Florida's foremost attractions are sun and sand, freshwater and saltwater fishing, tropical wetlands and forests, Orlando and Walt Disney World Resort, the Florida Keys, the Kennedy Space Center, Miami, Tampa and St. Petersburg, Native American culture, Caribbean and Latin American cuisine, lots of fresh seafood, unlimited water sports and a wide variety of day and night activities. We can't imagine there's a person alive who won't find something to enjoy in Florida, though those who prefer to avoid heavily commercialized attractions will have to work a bit to find less-traveled areas. Those who love the sea, the beach and warm weather will get the most out of a Florida vacation.

West Coast

California's main attractions are its inspiring beauty, cultural offerings, rocky shorelines, skiing, urban nightlife, the Monterey Peninsula, San Francisco, the Napa and Sonoma wine country (plus younger wine regions such as Paso Robles and the Santa Ynez Valley), redwood forests, Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, theme parks, national parks (Yosemite, Death Valley, Redwood, Lassen Volcanic and others), San Diego, Santa Barbara and Spanish missions. Everyone should see California, but visitors need to plan carefully to make the most of a visit. There is too much to see in one vacation, so make your choices and leave the rest for another trip.

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