What We Do

If luxury travel were your dream home, we'd be your architect.

The planning process for your upcoming trip is just as important as the actual travel experience. A well-informed Travel Advisor guides itinerary development & design, so that your trips will be thoughtfully tailored to your needs, interests, and budget. This professional trip guidance is essential to the quality of your resulting travel experience. At Court Travel Ltd our advisors are prepared to listen and collaborate with you from rough sketch itinerary to the finessing of every final detail, setting priorities, and suggesting ideas you may not have otherwise considered. Throughout our process, you'll gain a better understanding of how we work step-by-step to build your trip from the foundation up, earning your trust and loyalty with the quality of the service we provide. We are always transparent in communicating the reasons behind our advice. No two trips that we plan are the same. No two clients are the same.

How Our Itinerary Development & Design Process Unfolds

First Time Clients

Our process begins with our Travel Questionnaire, designed to be fun and inspiring to answer, it may be completed and easily submitted online. This allows us to gather critical details about the trip you have in mind, while also understanding the full picture of your travel intentions, history and personal preferences.

When you submit this questionnaire, we begin with a preliminary review, which may lead to a few more questions. We will then contact you with follow-up questions and to schedule a consultation meeting here in our office or over the phone, depending on your preference and availability. The goal of this meeting is to discuss your ideas and for your Travel Advisor to share her thoughts, so that by the end you and your Travel Advisor reach 80% agreed focus on the overall flow of your itinerary.

With agreement on itinerary sketch in place, we can begin to build the true structural framework of your trip, accounting for specific travel dates, quoting options, and confirming the primary anchor components relevant to your itinerary, such as airfare and cruise availability. With anchor bookings confirmed, we move to subsequent reservations like hotel, ground transportation, and sightseeing. Depending on the complexity of your trip and nearness of departure date, the quoting and booking process can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 months.

Once all reservations and services are confirmed, we will assemble your confirmation documents along with relevant destination guides, into a comprehensive trip booklet. With trip planning complete, we will contact you to schedule a pre-departure trip review meeting, either in person or by phone, depending on your location & ability to visit our Uptown office. In this meeting we will hand over your documents, go through all details, and answer any remaining questions. If you happen to be one of our out of town clients, we will ship your tip booklet via Priority Mail and have a trip review over the phone once you're documents have been delivered.


Returning Clients

Many of our clients have been in the Court Travel family for years. We only ask that you complete our Travel Questionnaire when coming to us as a first time client. While working with you on the first trip you entrust us to manage, we learn about the details that matter to you, because knowing you well matters to us, and is integral to our success in serving your needs over the years. As circumstances, careers, families grow and change, your travel needs evolve we only need to be updated, because we know your history! We enjoy knowing and working with our clients over many years, and love to be your partner in making the most of the best times, your travel experiences with loved ones!

How We Get Paid

As we get to know you, we understand how important it is that you get to know us, and how we work. At Court Travel, our advisors work on a fee for service basis. You may see our structure of fees and detailed descriptions of services here. When trip planning with us for the first time, our new clients come to discover the integrity of our work speaks for itself, and more than accounts for the fees, as the depth of planning process unfolds. Our fees allow us to do our best work, including time consuming research of cost comparing options and assembling proposals, with your needs and best interest prioritized.

Creating the trip of your dreams, within your budget, isn't a challenge when you work with one of our leisure travel specialists. We make the most of your vacation time, building a beautiful itinerary to meet and exceed your expectations.

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