Who's on the Team

If luxury travel were retail therapy, we'd be your personal shopper.

Of all your life priorities, your leisure time is one asset you can't earn back. People who spend their time wisely know that it pays dividends to collaborate with a seasoned industry professional when it comes to fulfilling travel dreams. Court Travel provides personal, completely customized service before, during, and after every trip.  Whether you enjoy being involved in your vacation planning, or prefer that someone you trust takes the reins, Court Travel agents are uniquely vested in your return on life.  Word of mouth is how we market and we would love for you to learn what our previous clients say about working with us on our testimonials page.

Nancy Cutter

30+ years of experience, Nancy is the owner and dreams big with you on bucket list trips.  Nancy has seen the 4 corners of the world.  More often than not the question most asked is "Where have you not been"?  That's now becoming a very short list.  She delights in expanding her client's horizons, urging them to see places and try things that they might not have thought possible.  With a respect for the fundamentals of travel, she is a master of travel organization and her clients reap the benefit of this expertise and her years of practical knowledge.

Read more about the boss and all her trips!

Cathy Roman

Cathy has over 10 years of experience booking vacation travel. With a BA in Geography and specialization in travel and tourism, there is no destination she can’t find. Her wealth of experience includes securing airline reservations and crafting custom holiday experiences. She is detail oriented so whether you are traveling on your honeymoon to the Caribbean, a multi stop European vacation or the Australian Outback, every aspect is covered. She takes great joy in making your dreams of worldwide travel a reality. When she is not working she is traveling with her husband and kids all over NC to watch them play soccer.


Laura Cole

 Laura Cole is Court Travel’s Leading Travel Advisor and Operations Coordinator and holds a BS degree in both International Business and Management. Laura is your personal travel concierge in Charlotte; she has an undeniable passion for luxury accommodations paired with unique and custom experiences.

Laura is well traveled beyond her years, by age twenty-five she had conquered 6 out of the 7 continents. She’s experienced some of the most remote villages in Peru where you’ll find world-class trekking adventures and groundbreaking gastronomic techniques. She’s had extended stays in both Italy and India, and can provide a never ending list of things to do in both! From Queenstown and Turks&Caicos to Santorini and  Cape Town- Laura has wined, dined, and stayed at some of the top hotels in the world. She’s visited and stayed throughout the top European destinations and continues her journeys with a true eye for luxury.

Laura understands that luxury is personal and different for everyone, she strives to connect and build relationships with each client to provide the absolute best experience every time. Her professionalism and attention to detail never go unnoticed.

NOTE: Laura has obtained individual tourism board certificates for both South African and New Zealand as a Specialist in Travel & Tourism.

Jamie L Cyrus

Jamie’s love for travel has followed her throughout her life since she was a child. Being of Mediterranean heritage, her curiosity about her family’s cultures was the spark that set her passion ablaze. Jamie’s travels range from Greece and Italy, Mexico and the Caribbean, Chile, Aruba and extensive locations in the US. Helping others experience the world is the delight that drives her to bring your dreams to a reality.

Jamie’s professional career began in design. She holds a BS in Interior Design, and has spent 10+ years working with clients to fulfill their visions. Detail-oriented and enthusiastic, she understands how to assemble the specifics of your trip into the perfect experience. The other passion in her life is food, and culinary tourism continues to be a leading component for her journeys. Jamie is married to her favorite travel partner of 13 years, Logan, and they share a 4-year old son, Ben.

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